Natural Mineral Water

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  1. -- NARINA Mineral Water ®


  2. √ Rare restorative nanoparticles elements which enables the nutrients to be fully absorbed by the skin.

  3. Silica - which is the best kept secret for healthy hair, radiant skin and strong nails. It 

  4.    naturally enhances collagen production and combats mild to moderate acne

  5. Hydrogen-peroxide  which reduces blemishes for brighter complexion

  6. Magnesium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate and Iodine, which are the Top Trio in Self-Health Care.

  7. √ High solvency

  8. √ Small cluster molecular make up enhances skin absorbency

  9. √ Naturally contains the elements that contribute to good health from inside-out and beautify

  10.    skin from outside-in

  11. √ Naturally free of:

  12. o disinfectant byproducts (DBPs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and trihalomethanes (THMs)

  13. o Toxic fluoride

  14. o Chemicals and metal contaminants

  15. √ Negative ORP

  16. √ Conforms with the CODEX Standard for Natural Light Mineral Water

  17. √ Tested by Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research

  18.    (TISTR) Industrial Metrology and Testing Service Center

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Benefits of Mineral Water

Various studies have shown that the healthiest kind of bottled water is mineral water and drinking this water each day can help you enhance your overall health and well-being. Mineral water is able to do so much good because it contains essential minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. Even better, mineral water, unlike tap water, will be free of added chemicals as well as preservative-free and completely natural. Here we will discuss some of the benefits of mineral water.

Benefits of Mineral Water

  1. 1.Lose Weight

  2. 2.Improve Bone Health

  3. 3.Lower Blood Pressure

  4. 4.Lower LDL Cholesterol

  5. 5.Aid Digestion

  6. 6.Maintain Muscle Performance

  7. 7.Maintain Electrolyte Balance

  8. 8.Reduce Kidney Stone Risk

  9. 9.Better Your Skin

  10. 10.Other Benefits of Mineral Water

Carbonated Water vs. Still Mineral Water

Carbonated water or sparkling mineral water is mineral water that has been carbonated. However, some carbonated spring water source could be found naturally. Sparkling mineral water can be as good for the body as normal mineral water. Usually to make the sparkling variety.

However, if the natural water source is not free of pathogens, man-made processes which add carbon dioxide to the natural mineral water is meant to destroy germs which are a source of various bacterial and viral infections.

Precautions and Tips for Drinking Mineral Water

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In time and with water,

everything changes.

--- Leonardo da Vinci

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