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Natural Mineral Water

NARINA makes the process of ordering your brand of the Natural Mineral Water as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the easy to follow steps that go from an imagination to realizing your dreams.

Step 1: Pick the Design  & Volume of your Bottle(s)

You may choose from :

• Our arrays of common molds

• Our unique designed of NARINA Mineral Water Bottle that express the product concepts for Good health & Great Beauty

  1. Have our expert team design and create a unique bottle for you

Step 2: Pick your cap

  1. Choose from an array of our colorful caps


Step 3: Design your Label

• Use your designer

• Let us design for you

Step 4: Label Printing

  1. Use our standard bottle label printer 

Step 5: Packaging

  1. Use a Stock box with printed label (B Quality)

  2. Buy printed box (A Quality) or

• Wrap sealed

Step 6:  Shipping

Our sister company will ship your products to your warehouse or ship the products to your Fulfillment Company as designated.


Box of 9 bottles x 300mL (10.14 oz.)

Box of 24 bottles x 300mL (10.14 oz.)

For wholesale pricing, MOQ and

Bulk Containers for other purposes,

please Contact Us.


Bottled at the source by our Thailand Based bottling house -

Arthachinda Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

124 Moo 12, Pak-chong

Nakorn Ratchasima 30450


Private Labeled and Imported by

Narina Initiative USA LLC



NARINA Mineral Water ® is in

accordance with the  CODEX STANDARD.pdf for Light Mineral Water.

NARINA Mineral Water ® is a

registered trademark of

Arthachinda Group Co., Ltd.

NARINA® bottle is patented by

Narina Initative USA LLC.


Fact SheetNARINA_WATER_Fact_Sheet.html

Contact Us :


  2. 124 Moo 12

  3. Pakchong,

  4. Nakornratchasima 30130


  6. info@narinawater.com    

  7. 6687-127-1887

  8. 6687-127-1332


Water is the only drink for a wise man.

--- Henry David Thoreau

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