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Private Label

Mineral SPA Products

NARINA makes the process of ordering Private Label Mineral SPA as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the easy to follow steps that go from an imagination to realizing your dreams.

Step 1: Pick our existing or create your new products with our R&D

  1. Mineral Facial Mask & Scrub

  2. Mineral Body Mask & Scrub (

  3. Mineral Salt Scrub

  4. Mineral Massaging Oil

Step 2: Pick your containers

You may choose from our arrays of containers that express your product concepts, stand out, and look professional with consistent design.

Step 3: Design your Label

• Use your designer

• Let us design for you.


Step 4: Label Printing

• Use your label printer and send them in

• Use our preferred label printer  (min 1,000 labels)

Step 5: Packaging

  1. Use a Stock box with printed label (B Quality)

  2. Buy printed box (A Quality)

• Wrap sealed

Step 6: Kitting

We give your products the finished packaging with all the required information for you.

Step 7: Shipping

Our sister company will ship your products to your filling facility (if ordering the bulk products), or ship the products to your Fulfillment Company (if ordering the finished products).


Contact Us :


  2. 124 Moo 12

  3. Pakchong,

  4. Nakornratchasima 30130


  6. info@narinawater.com    

  7. 6687-127-1887

  8. 6687-127-1332


Nothing is softer or more flexible than water,

yet nothing can resist it.

--- Lao Tsu

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