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  1. Architect by trade, educator by training, artist by passion, and a meditation instructor out of love, our founder’s journey to a secluded valley tucked away in central Thailand’s mountainous region is where NARINA’s story begins. Forced to return to Thailand at the bottom of the recession, she hoped to rebuild and someday reunite with her children in the U.S.

  2. What started as a simple purchase of a small plot of land, in the mountain area of Northeastern Thailand, intended for the construction of her home and a showcase of her design and construction capabilities became a desperate search for water when withheld information failed to inform her that the land she acquired was barren. Without water there would be no home, no business, no hope.

  3. Surrounded by rolling hills of marble and stone, it was a matter of time before the drilling would come to a halt, confronted by a monolith of solid marble hidden below the brick-red soil.  Fifty-six feet is all it took. The drill hit rock sending white plumes of ashy dust into the cloudless sky, like snow on a 110-degree day. 

  4. The marble had become her arch nemesis. As long as it remained in her way, failure and ruin stared right back with no remorse. Futile was this search for water, a march against all odds. The search was for water just decent enough to treat and filter for consumption and use. Maybe it was her faith. Maybe it was a sheer act of desperation. Undeniably, somewhere in between the two converged and nothing else but defeating this monolith mattered.

  5. Her call of faith was answered. In an instant the marble obstacle became our protector and guardian of one of the rarest, pure sources of artesian mineral water this corner of the world has ever known. Nestled below a shelf of pure white marble at rare-known depths is where NARINA MINERAL WATER ® lies.

  6. Soon after the discovery, the founder had her water tested, and the magic of NARINA MINERAL WATER ® was further discovered.  It’s conformed with CODEX Standard for Light Natural Mineral Water by World Health Organization (WHO), straight from the well !

  7. Her house and a bottling house were designed and built in the secluded valley surrounded with 360º green mountain in the World Heritage Area.

  8. Some say pure chance while others say fate, led us to discover this natural treasure. We call it the greatest blessing, and we are more than happy to share it with you.

  9. NARINA MINERAL WATER ® is the platform for your success stories, your people, your products, your companies, and all you ever dreamed of.

  10. Share with us your imaginations, let us create your reality, and you will tell the world your success story.

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If there is magic on this planet,it is contained in water.

--- Loren Eiseley

The Inspiration

  1. The founder noticed major improvements in her skin after taking dips in her mineral water pool.

  2. She encouraged her friends, family and guests from around the world to experience the rare and restorative power of the water. Everyone took a swim and instantly noticed that their skin were really soft, and brightened by the next morning, most of their skin problems such as acne, inflammation, hyper-pigmentation from mosquito bite, bug bites, psoriasis and rosacea dried up. Many friends and relatives with babies, and small children also found that NARINA does wonders for  dissolving baby’s formula, soothing diaper rashes and eczema.

  3. With an inspiration to share with the world, the magic of NARINA MINERAL WATER ®, the founder worked with a top cosmetic chemist in Thailand to develop the luxurious formulas that are now healthy, harm free and reliable anti-aging, corrective mineral skin care, spa and baby products.

  4. Each product formula begins with the proprietary mineral water as a base and is combined with cutting-edge, top of the line ingredients for a line of pampering, transformative skin care products for men, women, and babies.

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